Closing Costs Essentials For First Time Lake Minnetonka Homebuyers

Beginning Lake Minnetonka homebuyers need to understand one essential aspect in the process of owning a house and sales contract, which is ‘closing costs’.Some are not aware that closing costs are typically set at 15 percent of the sales price, and most lenders would require for them to be paid upfront. Achieving your goal of efficiently projecting your available funds and discussing your preferences in the arrangement of final price means being more prudent to identify them earlier, even if some lenders can roll them into the loan package.

It may be best to keep in mind that the lender base the maximum amount offered to you not on the net price (the sales price minus the closing costs) but from the actual sales price paid by the buyer. There are various ways in which closing costs are allocated and this may need the help of your realtor and lender if only to come up with the most agreeable plan for you to stay within your budget limit.

As a home buyer, being knowledgable about your responsibilities is the first crucial step to understanding what closing costs are. The ‘Smart Consumer’s Guide to Home Buying’ book’s author, Barron, explicated how important it is to be aware that contrary to the belief of many, custom prescribes how closing costs are allocated as well as the buyer and seller responsibilities as stated in the contract, and not the law.

All the fees and discount points of the loan are part of the buyer’s responsibilities. The lender, on the other hand, adds all these at the end of the contract (but may vary significantly according to the financial institution concerned). Bankers typically assign this fee as part of your contract or may be waived for important customers, yet it is best that you have an exact idea what the estimated amount will be.

The buyer is also responsible in paying the premium of the homeowner’s title insurance policy and has to ensure that this be settled before the purchasing begins. An extra cash in your hands will be useful when paying for the premium so that it won’t get rolled into the loan. Note also how premium cost may vary from one insurance company to another. Before signing the contract, it may be wise to do a little research particularly on the insurance policy rates of homeowners or try to scout around for other possible choices. These costs constitute the seller’s obligations.

Sales Commissions – refers to the fees allocated to the agent of both the buyer and the seller. But these may be dependent upon the agent you are working with.

Inspection Costs – pertains to the expense of having various inspections and those that are required for homes prior to purchase.

Title Insurance – there is one misconception about title insurance since many first time homebuyers think that they will need to take care of any costs associated with the title company except it. However, title insurance costs are included in the closing cost and thus becomes the seller’s responsibility.

When you know what closing costs are, you can have a better idea as to what your home’s final price will be during the signing. In fact, in doing so, lenders can already provide you with information you needed earlier in the financing process such as the fees you will have to pay, the discount points, and everything else you need to know.

About the Author: Alexandria P. Anderson is an Lake Minnetonka real estate agent that helps people to find and purchase Lake Minnetonka homes and properties in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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